Guitar, vocal, lyrics and arrangements. Apart from the „Unmuted” story, enthusiast of ethno drums and sitar. Professionally, a psychologist leading big organizations through the changes and devoted to the human’s potential development. Personally, a father of two lovely urchins who truly affected the compositions on the album and had an active involvement in The Neighbours project. Moreover, a cycling addict adhering to the principle – faster and further from the noise of civilization.



Keyboard/piano section, vocal, lyrics and arrangements. Multi-instrumentalist adding to portfolio double-bass, guitar, ukulele and flutes. Professionally, directly connected with a marketing sector for over 25 years. Anthropologist of culture and a proud father of two gorgeous girls with whom music-making contributed towards such true and clear resonance of this music. The off-road skiing hothead, lately surrendered to passion with a huge dose of parental responsibility.



Having a scientific mind, he can’t write a poems about himself so let’s cut to the chase. Crazy mathematician. His music adventure began with the classic guitar, but it turned out that the rhythmic section is his cup of tea. Passionate about the cajon and the drums. Latino dancer. To have time to relax, he jumps into boxing.



Self taught bass player. Aware that his instrument is not that audible like other instruments in the band, so he prefers to play with a style, which you can feel with your entire body. That means grooves that are simple and notes that are in the right place. He’s been passionate about any kind of music since many years. He borrowed first bass guitar from his uncle long time ago. On that spot he felt that it was the best decisions he could make. Finally, creativity that was asleep has been released. Now guitar is a big part of his life and he is happy to share his creativity with the band and audience. Besides creating music he is a student of Psychology with aspirations to be a scientist. Presently he is assisting in many scientific projects at university.


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